What’s the News?

One of my favorite things in life is waking up on a Sunday morning and reading the paper while enjoying a large bowl of Cookie Crisps; this is a ritual that my children are unlikely to partake in. 

Major newspapers are failing left and right.  Minneapolis’ Star Tribune has already filed for bankruptcy and is unlikely to survive as more and more advertising dollars drift away from this old medium. 

Maybe we should have the government bail them out?  Meh, I don’t know about that.  What I do know is that people will choose how they get their news, and newspapers simply don’t fit as well into people’s lives as they used to.

So where do/should we turn to get our news now?  And what is the news anymore? 

It pains me every time I access CNN.com and I see something like this:


Really?  Seriously?  We are in the worst recession the country has ever seen and we are still going back to Anna Nicole Smith.  Geez.  I’m not saying that we should constantly mull over the disaster that is our economy (or any negative subject for that matter), but please give us substance—give us something that matters.  Lets try to pull ourselves away from celebrity worship, okay?

As a cynic at heart I enjoy getting my news from Fark.com.  Where do you get your news from?  

Ya know, I guess I would read the news online on Sunday mornings, but I don’t want to spill my Cookie Crisps on my laptop.

Submitted by: Al Dogg


7 responses to “What’s the News?

  1. Like I said before Celebrity gossip is powerful stuff. Unfortunately I think if you were to take a poll of what Americans would rather see as the top story… dead former playmates continued troubles or the latest Auto giant or bank begging for money… it pains me to say the majority would probably say the former.

  2. Thank God there’s leaveittotheprose to offer substantive writing!

  3. I get my news from an email feed from nytimes.com. If I’m not too burnt out and cynical I will also read slate.com.

  4. I get my news (when I actually do) from BBC [America], and I have been known to occasionally check out some Aljazeera.
    The state of mass media news and mass media in general is down right despicable, why do I have to go to another countries, and a “insurgent” sympathizer’s media outlet to get my countries news; at least an accurate account of it?

    For real… I am a middle of the road man when it comes to politics and both CNN and FOX News make me want to rage on my tv and hurt Ted Turner

    Kisses AND hugs
    Jeffrey C

  5. NPR is a great place for news, as well. Often their pieces focus on the humanitarian side of the problem and they know how to tell a good story.

    Between NPR, BBC and Aljazeera I’m set.

  6. Thanks for the responses. The BBC and NPR are both great places for information. In fact I worked for WPR (Wisconsin Public Radio)…great stuff.

    Don’t stop searching for the truth…whatever that may be…

  7. Oh and I will certainly check out Al-Jazeera…is that un-American?

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