Oh San Francisco!

Oh San Francisco!

Sometimes I dream my afternoon away

Musing on your wonder

On your community

On your grooviness


I fall in love with you and my closest whenever we meet

Somehow you make a girl prettier

Your wired skies

And critical eyes

My new space, in your old space

The glinting bay waters against your illumined highrises

Your rolling streets into the diverse neighborhoods


Sometimes I dream of sitting at the table of thoughts with Ginsberg, Kerouac, and Ferlinghetti

I say the most poetic and groovy line, I blow Carlo’s mind,

Jack spits up his beer and falls back in his chair because my words are so mind expanding, he finds it comical; “Who is this guy? Where’d he come from? Minne-what? Oh that’s where Bob came from too,” Jack says…


All these thoughts strip my mind away from the present, I dream of you,

It pains me to be without you,

I am experiencing separation anxiety



Submitted by: Ckcasselman


2 responses to “Oh San Francisco!

  1. Many-a-time I have fallen in love in SF.
    Most recently I fell in love with great friends, one sweet Mom, late night games and almost with a dog named Barney.

  2. I know a good therapist for that separation anxiety : )

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